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Why Most Brands Botch Digital Strategy: A Sinner's Guide to Redemption

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Why Most Brands Botch Digital Strategy: A Sinner's Guide to Redemption

Digital Strategy The Cardinal Sin of Ignorance

Welcome, you digital apostates and social media saints. We find ourselves in an Eden of bytes and pixels, a paradise of opportunity so lush it might make you forget that the serpent of deceit still slithers through the underbrush. Now, you'd think with all the information, guidelines, and experts around, most brands would be fully enlightened creatures by now. But no, most are still naive as Adam and Eve, plucking indiscriminately from the Tree of Ignorance and wondering why it all ends in misery.


The Seven Circles of Digital Hell

Lust for Likes

Ah, Lust. It's as intoxicating as a fine wine and as deceptive as a mirage. Brands get drunk on the idea that a rising number of likes and follows somehow signifies success. They contort themselves in all kinds of ridiculous postures just to get a hit of that dopamine rush that comes with a new "like". But let me tell you, it's a harem of emptiness. True, meaningful engagement and conversion? You won't find them in this den of vanity.

Gluttonous Objectives

Imagine a glutton at a feast, shovelling all kinds of food into his gaping maw without any thought for taste, sustenance, or digestion. That's what brands do when they set every conceivable KPI as an objective. From web traffic to brand awareness, they want it all, all the time, at once. The result? A digital strategy bloated with pointless endeavours, devoid of focus, and suffering from severe indigestion.

The Greed for Reach

There's nothing quite like the sin of Greed to blind one's vision. Brands hoard followers and cast their net wide, thinking that sheer numbers will bring them untold riches. Ah, but what they often catch are not golden prospects but soulless numbers—vanity metrics that might dazzle the naive but mean nothing in the vaults of true worth.


The Beatitudes of Authenticity

Enter the heavenly realm of Authenticity. The one thing that can't be faked in a world so full of counterfeits. If you think you can strut into the digital marketplace with the swagger of a false prophet, you're in for a bitter reality check. Authenticity is not a cloak you can put on; it's the skin you live in. Your audience has been gifted with the divine ability to sniff out the genuine from the false. And they will exercise this gift ruthlessly.


The Ten Commandments of Strategy Alignment

In the sacred texts of business management and digital marketing, there is a Ten Commandments of sorts—a set of irrevocable principles that, if ignored, could lead your brand into the desert for not 40 days, but 40 years. Your digital strategy is not an independent entity floating in the cybersphere. It's inextricably tied to your overall business objectives, your brand mission, and your audience's needs. Failing to align these three pillars is like building a cathedral on quicksand—it might look impressive, but it's destined to sink.


The Sacred Scrolls of Tools

Analytics: The Divine Oracle

Analytics isn't just a tool; it's your divine oracle, your Delphic prophecy, your holy scripture. Like the ancient shamans who interpreted the flights of birds, you must delve into your data with religious fervor. Only by understanding your metrics can you hope to navigate the labyrinthine complexities of the digital world.

The Holy Word: Quality Content

In the vast cosmos of digital marketing, Quality Content is the shining North Star. Every social post, every blog article, every video you create must be a scripture of wisdom, a hymn of inspiration, a tale of caution or a parable of aspiration. Your audience is your congregation, and they're starved for narratives that feed not just their minds but their souls.


The Path to Redemption

So, my digital sinners and saints, there is a path to salvation. It's not lined with golden likes or paved with empty metrics, but etched in genuine human connections, data-driven insight, and strategic wisdom that rises above common sense to the realm of enlightenment.


A Parting Gift for Your Digital Soul

Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins: For every vice, there is a virtue Paperback
Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins by Rory Wilmer

If you've found your way to the end of this article and are still thirsting for more, I've got just the thing to quench your intellectual curiosity. "Social Media And The Seven Deadly Sins" is a tome I've penned, available for your perusal on Amazon. It delves deep into the dark symbiosis between the cardinal sins of yore and our modern, insidious addictions to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google.

Is it a dopamine hit you're after, or perhaps a momentary escape from existential dread? This book explores the murky depths of our social media compulsions, exposing the very core of our relentless pursuit of likes, shares, and notifications. If you've ever wondered how far you might go for the next ping on your phone, or if you're just keen to hear tales from two decades in the digital marketing trenches, this book is your guide to salvation—or at least, understanding.

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